About AAAB

This Blog is the voice of the Against Anti Abortion Bullying initiative, we hope to call attention to, and more importantly affect some change in, the tactics employed by the ProLife protesters that occupy the street outside of the Preterm Abortion Clinic in Surry Hills.

Whilst we obviously support their right to protest abortion and express their beliefs freely, we do not think that their stand over tactics and graphic protest signs should be allowed to persist. Standing outside the clinics for a prolonged period of time, in a passive aggressive ploy to intimidate those who work at or are visiting the facility is wrong. These are stand over tactics plain and simple.

We are appalled at the graphic signage that they display portraying dismembered foetus’, waiving them in peoples faces as they pass by, in a desperate attempt provoke some form of emotional response.

We would like to see some form of regulation on what images these protestors are allowed to display in public. we would also like them to be moved a fixed distance from the front of the clinics. These people congregate regularly to intimidate and persecute those people entering the clinic. This is harassment, and in any other context this behaviour would not stand, but they are a religious protest group and are allowed to vilify whom ever they wish in their holy war against abortion.

Please note, this is not a forum for the morality of abortion. We believe that everyone is entitled to their beliefs and express them even in protest. But we also believe that in doing so you should not be allowed to harrass and bully others who hold conflicting values.


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