Not as extreme, but just as bad!

So i wanted to clarify my position and make sure that people knew exactly what i am pushing for. My most immediate concern with the anti-abortion/pro-life protestors and bullies that are in Surry Hills, but this kind of behaviour is happening all over the world. In a few lucky cities, local government has stepped into to set some necessary boundaries on how the protestors go about their business.

The Surry Hills Protestors are really not as intense as some of the more extreme examples you may have found in news articles and videos over the internet; but they are using the same tactics that i think should be regulated in some degree. Standing right outside of the abortion clinics is an obvious intimidation strategy, they not there to simply voice there objections to abortion as an issue. They are there to confront, guilt and demonize anyone who enters the facilities. It’s not fair to the people who work there and extremely inconsiderate to any woman going to in for a consultation. I have never heard of a anyone who has been completely O.K. with abortion, in fact for most its one of the saddest decisions they have had to make. these women are particularly emotionally vulnerable and preying on them in this state is just not right. The fact remains that abortion is legal, so under the eyes of the law these women are not doing anything wrong. If you have a problem with abortion and think it should be illegal, picket the law makers, they are the ones who will affect actual change.

I stumbled across this video and found myself so angry with the fact that these protestors are so blinded by their convictions regarding the sanctity of life that they cant see past anything but their “ABORTION IS MURDER” mantra.

I want to be clear in that i am definitely not against their right to protest (To be so inclined would be ridiculously hypocritical considering this campaign is a form of protest in itself), i am against the conduct of the protestors. But the instant people engage in these particular behaviours during a protest, you have to agree that they also become bullies!


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