What do we want? When do we want it?

We want these protests to be moved away from right outside the clinics and some form of regulations to be imposed on the graphic nature of the protest signs.

In 2005, the Australian Democrats purposed a law that would institute a buffer zone around abortion clinics in Victoria. Meaning that anti abortion protestors would have to keep a set distance from the front doors of the clinics while they were actively protesting. This would ensure safe and free passage in and out of the facilities for workers and women seeking abortions alike. There are no other states have decided to pursue similar legislation even though they support the legal access to abortion.

Different states of America have instituted buffer zone/bubble zone laws to protect people from being persecuted if they need to access the clinics. In South Africa it is a criminal offense obstruct access to a facility for the termination of a pregnancy, imposing a sentence of up to ten years imprisonment.If different governments from around the world can recognise that there is a need for these protest groups to be seperated from the immediate proximity of the abortion clinics i find it ridiculous that ours can’t. The passions for both sides of this issue run just as high in Sydney as they do in the US. We need to recognise that the law is obligated to step up and do something about this especially if they support the legislation that makes access to abortions legal!

I’d like to think that the signage issue is kind of obvious. I do not think it is appropriate for people to be sporting pictures of mangled foetus’ in a public space, with out warning or some kind or at least a council issued permit. This imagery is flaunted, thrown in the face of any person that the anti abortion protestors can confront. You can make a point with out visually assaulting innocent bystanders (especially children). So many of these protestors are more about shocking and shaming their opposition rather than effectively communicating a succinct point of view.



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