Why Protesting the Protest won’t work

Can a counter protest do more harm than good?pro-life-vs-pro-choice

I have been thinking about this for a while  in relation to anti-abortion protest groups and in this case i have come to the conclusion that the answer to this question for the most part no. While you might be trying to represent the other side of the issue basically your drawing more attention to the conflict than the issue. There are a lot of issues that society will never agree on unanimously, and protests are a valid way to voice your objection to one. But a direct counter-protest may not always be the most effective, especially concerning the abortion debate. While you may be there in support, the patients aren’t taking the time to ask your intentions. Even if you bring supportive, signs the patients are usually not taking the time to read them. Your just part of the loud angry mass that are screaming at one anther, every body and nobody. Think about it in terms of bullying on the playground at school, there are two ways you can chose to handle a situation like that. You can either confront the bully with the same behaviours they have been inflicting upon you, usually that ends badly for one party; or you can mediate the conflict. Discuss the terms of peace, rationally so that it is fair for both sides. Needless to say attempting to end conflict by responding with the same behaviour is usually the less desirable path.

There are plenty of alternative initiatives to counter the anti-abortion protest groups. I have supplied two effective links below:

Voice of Choicewww.vochoice.org

Boycott 40 days for lifehttp://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/fundraiser-web/fundraiser/showFundraiserProfilePage.action?userUrl=boycott40daysforlife&isTeam=true

What we really need is an intervention from the law. Other cities around the world have instituted buffer zone laws that set a safe zone around the clinics, and/or patients and staff ensuring safe and unobstructed entry for all. These laws do not infringe on the protestors civil rights. With a buffer zone in play anti-abortion protestors are still able to publicly voice their objections to abortion just not in a way where they are given the opportunity to bully, goad, or intimidate those who don’t agree with them.


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